Great recognition from Brussels for the completed Demo4Grid project at the MPREIS facilities in Völs near Innsbruck in Tyrol

It took almost 8 years to prepare, implement and complete the EU project “DEMO4GRID”, which was implemented at the MPREIS production and logistics facilities in Völs near Innsbruck in Tyrol.
At the end of the day, the project team received the following appreciative message from Nikolaos Lymperopoulos, who was responsible for the funding of Clean Hydrogen JU in Brussels. The message also paints a realistic picture of the challenges that need to be overcome when implementing such a forward-looking hydrogen project. On the other hand, the news also shows the future prospects for the development of the hydrogen economy resulting from the implemented hydrogen project:

“Dear DEMO4GRID colleagues,

Well, it took officially 78 months to complete but I guess almost 8 years in preparing, executing and wrapping up the DEMO4GRID project. It was a kind of a hydrogen marathon race with successes and challenges, ups and downs but a very good end result in the fine facility that the consortium has built.

Big thanks to Diadikasia for the coordination work, Manos in particular who has been there throughout. Big thanks to MPREIS and Ewald for his enthusiasm and support to everything hydrogen, for the extra funding that he managed to secure to implement this diamond of a facility. Big thanks to FEN-Systems for the enthusiastic dissemination. And of course many thanks to all other project partners from IHT-Sunfire to Inycom and FHA building and monitoring the heart of the facility.

I wish the facility runs reliably for many years greening the MPREIS buses and boilers and expands to form the heart of a H2 valley / region / hub around Innsbruck.

I am sure we will be in touch one hydrogen way or another,

All the best,



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